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waiting until the shine wears off [userpic]
The Ultimate Buffyshippage Fanmix
by waiting until the shine wears off (thiscanbegin)
at August 20th, 2006 (11:33 am)

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current song: "Highway To Nowhere" by Drake Bell

Covers, tracks and downloading intructions behind the cut


The Ultimate Buffyshippage Fanmix
To download the zip file click on the cover track. I will upload songs individually if anyone wants. And even though I don't ship a couple of these parings, it wouldn't be a proper mix without them. I can't stop making mixes.

01. "Brighter Than Sunshine" by Aqualung
I never understood before/I never knew what love was for/My heart was broke, my head was sore/What a feeling - Giles/Jenny
02. "The Game of Love" by Carlos Santana featuring Michelle Branch
Just what you want me to be/One kiss/And boom youre the only one for me/
So please tell me
- Xander/Anya
03. "Your Mistake" by Sister Hazel
Send me inside your mind/I wanna know what you're thinking/This time I'll try to be the one you always thought you knew - Spike/Buffy
04. "Hey Pretty" by Poe
Hey pretty don't you wanna kick and slide/Through my world/Well i got a mind full of wicked designs - Faith/Buffy
05. "Never Had a Dream Come True" by S Club 7
I never found the words to say/You're the one I think about each day/And I know no matter where love takes me to/A part of me will always be with you - Oz/Willow
06. "If This Is Love" by Jonny Lang
Now everytime i hear you call my name/I jump so high you could call me superman/You could say my name/If they see you comin out my back - Xander/Cordy
07. "You Don't See Me" by Josie and the Pussycats
I'm here if you want me/I'm yours, you can hold me/I'm empty and taken and/Tumbling and breakin'/'Cause you don't see me - Xander/Buffy
08. "The Ghost of You and Me" by BBMak
What am I supposed to do with all these blues/Haunting me/Everywhere no matter what i do/Watching the candle flicker out in the evening glow/I can't let go - Angel/Buffy
09. "Join Me" by HIM
We are so young/Our lives have just begun/But already we're considering/Escape from this world - Spike/Drusilla
10. "To You I Belong" by B*Witched
Beside the sea/When the waves broke/I drew a heart for you in the sand/In fields where streams/Turn to rivers/I ran to you, you were there - Willow/Tara
11. "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5
Tap on my window knock on my door/I want to make you feel beautiful/I know I tend to get insecure/It doesn’t matter anymore - Riley/Buffy
12. "Green Eyes" by Coldplay
I came here with a load/And it feels so much lighter, now I’ve met you/And honey you should know, that I could never go on without you - Xander/Willow