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random_messes's Journal

Random Messes
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R a n d o m M e s s e s

This is a creative collective shared by devilish__angel, krimson_kraving, thiscanbegin and willow_kat. If you take anything, credit the maker & random_messes or random_messes. We're always looking for affilates, so feel free to drop anyone of us a line. Other places to find us; landoftwilight & sayitsheknows for writings. kaze_ni_naritai/5minuteicons & jedi_mindtrucks for iconess.

acting, alan cumming, alanis morissette, alcohol, alyson hannigan, american beauty, american history x, andrew wells, andy warhol, ani difranco, animals, anime, anthony stewart head, art, avenue q, beanies, beauty, being creative, bernadette peters, biting, bracelets, btvs, bubble tea, buffy icons, canada, chicago, chinese food, colours, corsets, costuming, craig/ellie, creativity, csi, d.e.b.s., daria, degrassi: the next generation, drake bell, egypt, eliza dushku, ellen degeneres, emily the strange, faeries, faith, faith/buffy, faith/dawn, fanfic, fangs, firefly, fonts, gay films, geekiness, great big sea, grrl music, gunn/fred/wesley, halloween, hannah montana, house, icons, independent film, ireland, jack's mannequin, janis joplin, japan, japanese music, jayne's hats, jim morrison, joni mitchell, joss whedon, kittens, lava lamps, lazytown, lesbians, lords of dogtown, lucy diamond, lyrics, making icons, manga, minnie driver, mix tapes, moby, moulin rouge, musicals, natalie portman, nerf herder, nicholas brendan, numb3rs, our lady peace, pagan faiths, painting, photographs, plays, poetry, queer as folk, rain, rainbows, rent, retro, rocky horror, sailor moon, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, saved!, scooby doo, shiny things, slash, slaving over stupid art, something corporate, spike/buffy, ss/hg, star wars, staying awake all night, swords, tattoos, the l word, the x-files, tori amos, vampires, video games, willow rosenberg, willow/xander, witchcraft/paganism, wolves, wonderfalls, words, writing, xander harris,